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What Design Can Do Tokyo

Making Social Change with Design

What Design Can Do (WDCD) is a platform that was founded in the Netherlands in 2011, and which connects social issues and design. WDCD researches the social issues that the world is facing, such as climate change and immigration. They visualize the reasons and processes behind these issues using their unique approach. Shibaura House entered into a partnership and license agreement with WDCD. We launched the "No Waste Challenge" program in January 2021 with support from IKEA Foundation, inviting designers from around the world to participate. The "No Waste Challenge" focused on waste issues in six cities around the world, including Tokyo. Through local research, we identified the issues in each city, and prepared the application guidelines accordingly. While keeping abreast of the drastically changing global situation, we considered social issues and the role of design.

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    What Design Can Do Tokyo has its dedicated website. Based on our research on the current local waste issues in Tokyo, we have a plan to make a variety of contents for learning available in the future. Information about the open call for this year’s challenge is scheduled to be released in October 2022.

    What Design Can Do Tokyo

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    What Design Can Do's global site features the latest content as well as the results of previous Design Challenge programmes (competitions).

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