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Thinking about the future of the waterfront area with the city of Amsterdam vol.1


Thinking about the future of the waterfront area with the city of Amsterdam vol.1

SHIBAURA HOUSE is organizing three webinars on the future of the waterfront area, with the city of Amsterdam as our discussion partner. We will be focusing on environmental issues and considering solutions from various perspectives such as cultural, economic, and administrative.

We will be looking at the Shibaura-Konan area in Minato-ku, which is surrounded by Tokyo bay and canals. While the areas around JR Tamachi station and Takanawa Gateway station are redeveloped, we have not seen enough revitalization surrounding the waterfront area. And we must remember the deep-rooted issues of the water quality caused by domestic wastewater. 

SHIBAURA HOUSE is currently reexamining these areas from the perspectives of environmental awareness, and the way we live. This is an area where there are many office buildings and high-rise apartments. And therefore the canals and green areas around them are valuable assets for us, as they are our contact point to nature.

SHIBAURA HOUSE has been working on projects that have points of contact with the waterfront area, such as OPEN! FURNITURE, and No Waste Challenge. We believe that it is important to seek a balance in concern between our daily lives and our environment in considering how to move forward. We are at a turning point in thinking about the next step by pausing for a moment and widening our views. 

We therefore invited the city of Amsterdam as a partner, since they are known for their unique ways of utilizing canals and adoption of the donut economy. We will share each city’s ways of planning, and solutions. We hope this will help us explore ideas and improve our chances of realizing them.

In addition to the city of Amsterdam, we will have members of the respective parties from Minato city and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo. The exchange of ideas and discussions during this event will be made available as a webinar and will be there for anyone to view. Three webinar sessions in total will be organized as part of this series.


New initiative in Minato-ku 
Minato-ku is starting a project titled Waterfront City Circular Lab. from April. The person in charge of this program will give a brief introduction to this project by talking through the issues surrounding the waterfront area.

– Takuya Ichihashi (Cooperation promotion division, Minato city Shibaura-Konan area)

Use of public space surrounding canals in Amsterdam
Skating on the canal and Amsterdam Light Festival, LGBT pride parade, and bicycle culture. Mirjana Milanovic, a lead urban designer of city of Amsterdam, will introduce unique ways of using canals and surrounding public spaces. Furthermore, Albert Detour, the director of Light Festival will be joining us.

– Mirjana Milanovic (Lead urban designer, city of Amsterdam)
– Albert Detour (Managing director of Light Art Collection, the international pillar of the Amsterdam Light Festival)

Based on the given presentations, the participants from Minato-ku and the city of Amsterdam will have a discussion. This will take about 30 min.

Thinking about the future of the waterfront area with the city of Amsterdam vol.1

Date and time
April 9 Fri. 17:00-19:00 (Tokyo), 10:00-12:00 (Amsterdam/CET)
– Online webinar
– Language: Japanese / English (Consecutive interpretation)
– Admission: Free
– Max. 100 participants on first come, first served basis

Please register by April 8 using peatix ticketing service.
The registered participants will receive the webinar link in advance of the event.

Partner organizations: Minato City Shibaura-Kohnan Office, City of Amsterdam, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

*Upcoming webinars
vol.2 Collaborations with companies and universities in relation to local issues
The city of Amsterdam is running Living LABs., an initiative that involves the private sector and local residents concerning issues related to improving urban living. By introducing this, we will explore some possibilities of realizing similar projects in Minato-ku, where we also have many companies and residents.

vol.3 Administration structure that inspire bottom-up initiatives engaged in town planning and citizen-led activities
We will look at how local issues are received by residents, the support systems for bottom-up initiatives, and goals set for top-down initiatives. Examples we will be looking at are Buiksloterham, and Sluisbuurt, as well as the new long-term strategy the city of Amsterdam has recently developed.