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Design as a companion to life

Our in-house creative team is primarily concerned with packaging design for major food manufacturers. We help our clients connect to consumers by using reassuring designs.

 We also produce public relations magazines for Minato-ku, as well as corporate information pamphlets for companies, and promotional materials for events at SHIBAURA HOUSE.

Talented at creating natural and complementary portraits and photographs

In addition to package design and product images, we also help public relations departments with photos that convey the feelings and stories of people at an event, taken by our dedicated photographer.

・Publicity photos of workplaces and staff for websites and pamphlets
・Entrance ceremonies, kick-off events, seminars and lectures
・Portraits during interviews

Also, as a local photography studio, we take photos of schools and educational organizations.

▲ Family Portrait, a popular event organized every spring where people have their portrait taken with loved ones

If you are interested in the design and photography team at SHIBAURA HOUSE, please contact us by filling the form.