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A co-working space that fosters new relationships

SHIBAURA HOUSE runs a co-working space called Relations. Our building offers spaces that can be used in different ways: the ground floor is a community space, there are offices on the 2nd to the 4th floors, and an event space on the 5th floor. (Introducing floors)

If you have a monthly membership, in addition to using the office space and all its functions, we also offer support in realizing your ideas and own initiatives. We have reservation-based meeting rooms, and we invite you to events hosted at SHIBAURA HOUSE, enabling you to network. We also offer consultations about event publicity, design, photography, accounting, and so on.

▲ The Architecture here is designed by Kazuyo Sejima. When you Step into an excellently designed space, your mind will be sparked with imagination.

By building a community in which diverse members gather together, we aim to create a system that allows us to expand our creativity and connections beyond that of a normal office.

At the moment, our residents include organizations that give intermediary support to social ventures, a brand selling alpaca-wool knitting and NPOs that support immigrant families. Although their focuses are somewhat different, they are all fascinating members with a common sense of values. We are creating an environment in which it’s easy for members to collaborate, form networks with one another, and to help cross-cutting activities.。

▲ Please refer to the Relations website for floors, rental system, and price.