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Space rental for events

▼ Booking procedure

We will give you step by step guidance on how to rent our space for events.
If you are interested in using SHIBAURA HOUSE for commercial purposes such as filming or for a photoshoot, please inquire with us via e-mail, as different booking procedures and rates will be applied.

1. Preliminary visit

The uniqueness of SHIBAURA HOUSE is hard to describe and understand from the floor plan. If you are using SHIBAURA HOUSE for the first time, please book your time to check the space before booking. You can book the preliminary visit by phone (+81 (0)3-5419-6446). Please check equipment such as projector and monitors on site, if you are considering using them. 

2. Online booking

Please read the terms of use below, and follow the online instructions to proceed with your booking on the Reserva website. We only accept online booking via this site.

* There is no holding time. Once you make a booking, it is final.
* Please inquire in advance if you are booking for more than 7 days or need to book multiple floors.
* Booking can be made six months in advance of the scheduled rental day.
* By making your booking we assume that you have agreed with our rental policy.
* Please be aware that the cancellation policy will be in effect when the user cancels the booking. 

3. Assessment

We will assess your submitted booking and reply within a few days. Please note that we may not be able to rent out the space depending on the assessment. In this case, we will not charge a cancellation fee. 

* Examples of activities that are not permitted at SHIBAURA HOUSE.
 • Activities against public policies and illegal activities.
 • Activities that cause annoyance to the surrounding environment and/or others.
 • Activities related to religion, including solicitation.
 • Organizations with the activities and businesses of which cannot be clearly defined.
 • In other cases where SHIBAURA HOUSE recognizes that the administration/management is inappropriate.

4. Invoice and Payment

Full payment to be made in advance. Please transfer the payment to our bank account within 14 days of the invoice issue date.

* If you didn’t make the payment in time, we may cancel your booking. If we had to cancel the booking due to not receiving a reply or payment, you may not be allowed to use our space in the future. 
* Please inform us in advance if you require a receipt.
* If you decide to extend the hours of rental on the day, please pay the additional cost in cash to our staff on duty.

Prevention measures against COVID-19

We sanitize the space before and after each event as part of our prevention measures. We may restrict the number of people admitted to the space depending on the COVID-19 situation at the time.

If the reason for your cancellation is related to COVID-19, we will give you a full refund. (The bank transaction fees in relation to this will also be covered by us.) Please contact the person in charge of your booking.