2. What we’re aiming towards

What we’re aiming towards

Transforming an old company 

SHIBAURA HOUSE is a unique building with a completely glass exterior built in Shibaura, Minato-ku, an area undergoing regeneration. It is a community space, but also the headquarters of a 70-year old company. The company’s business has changed enormously to keep in harmony with the changes in the times and in the social environment. Today, we simultaneously operate the original creative business, along with a new cultural business. 

Our vision

In 2011, the renewal of SHIBAURA HOUSE was completed. While taking advantage of this unique space, we focus on creative projects that are rooted in the local community. Through these activities, we have developed the following vision:

– To create a community so that people living and/or working in Shibaura understand one another, with various perspectives peacefully co-existing

– To become a platform that can take on various challenges to create a new, creative culture 

▲People mixing on the ground floor, in our open park-like space
▲ Our “OPEN! FURNITURE” project. We collaborated with the festival “LAND FES”, inviting dancers and musicians to give performances.

Things that we concentrate on while running SHIBAURA HOUSE 

– We are part of society
We focus on various social issues, and try launch projects from the perspective of the people involved or affected by that social issue.

– Curiosity-driven management
SHIBAURA HOUSE is powered by the curiosity of each and every staff member. We each continue to learn in order to progress and create new possibilities. 

– Unique ideas that only we can come up with
We don’t imitate anything else. We don’t do anything that we’ve seen before.

– Honest, fair, and open
We treat everyone in exactly the same way. 

▲ In our nl/minato program, in collaboration with The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, we prepared a space where people from various backgrounds could talk to each other in an open and non-hierarchical way.