2021.8- Free space


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Thinking about the future of the waterfront area with the city of Amsterdam vol.1


Free space

(Updated 8/2 11:00)This week’s free space opening hours are as follows. Besides, NL HOUSE is open from Friday, July 23! Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are also open during the period. 8/2 (Mon)/1F OPEN 2F OPEN 5F OPEN8/3 (Tue)/ 1F OPEN 2F OPEN 5F CLOSED8/4 (Wed)/1F OPEN 2F OPEN 5F OPEN8/5 (Thu)/ 1F OPEN 2F OPEN 5F OPEN8/6 (Fri)/ 1F OPEN 2F OPEN 5F OPEN8/7 (Sat)  1F...